Night Runner Demo

by Some Nerve

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released December 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Some Nerve Massachusetts

Triple B Records

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Track Name: House Pet
Spread on the surface in time,
keep living your lie
You've been preaching to the death of time
(to) the most deaf of minds

So they wait,
another systematic trial - it fades

Pressured and enclosed
Another thought you could have never thought on your own
Closer, but not enough
It's a distance that would never matter much

You said you've had enough
Enough is never enough
But I've seen you fall,
and I still know you're living in shame

Another break in the vicious chain
Another stage of the human ways
Track Name: Thick Heads
Another problem by others
with no solution to make
While they wait for an answer
it's another chance I can take

Burn them
burn every bridge
with no chance to step
burn every bridge

So concerned for the others
Well the others can wait
They chose to rot where they stand
so why the fuck do we stay?

They say they listen but they never learn
Track Name: Cross Mind
Shifting eyes and fucking chained they lie
waiting up for an end
taking steps for what they said is best buried,
barely alive

When the only thing left in mind for you is a certain hell
Track Name: Night Runner
We got them mastered inside
We gotta fight 'til they understand
We gotta fight time, we gotta bleed
We gotta let this go

Never will you ever have a head like mine
Severed all the ties that you never held tight
Favored did you ever find yourself in pain
blistered, bloody and you still can't think

I can't wait to see
when another one takes your place
I just came to wait
another one takes you, I don't wanna find you
Do your worst, here I'll wait
I'm gonna be here 'til the others flee
Do your worst, here I'll stay

I came to watch them die off