Demo 2014

by Some Nerve

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released September 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Some Nerve Massachusetts

Triple B Records

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Track Name: Make Me Numb
The constant fight still surrounding me
as I force myself to breathe
No you're not so kind and I know your ways
and this line is too clear to see

The mouth keeps moving
just please make it stop
it's all coming forth,
I hope this shuts you off
Spreading sickness and twisting minds
You were made this way,
just a waste of life

My business is my business
I don't care for yours
I live my life, it's none of your concern
my mind grows weary, we're losing touch
You've got no respect to earn

We're not the same
Make me numb

I'm better off
just bite your tongue
I've looked at your life
and I see it's just too hard to live
Track Name: Crippled
Show me a way out and show me quick
I lost all my options
I'm lost and sick
No more bullshit,
there's no more truth
Neutral rejects - we lose this too

On to the top
On to the top you'll stay

Done trying to talk
I'm done trying to see
My skin still crawls
My eyes still bleed

No more good for you or me
a losing start - I'm losing sleep
My world is small, as small as yours
I'm burning bridges, barging doors
empty gestures and desperate times
Looked insane and lost his mind

I'm not supposed to know what's true
Track Name: Strong Hand
Another let down begins
all this time gone to waste
follow the footsteps you now have to chase
Useless and lost
now with no chance at all
I see you still standing but it's your turn to fall

I care less
I don't try
In this state
I'd rather die

One in the same but we don't meet eye to eye
Just another piece of shit that's not worth my time

I'm not the best
I don't try
and this day
I'd rather die